What are the different plates for when open? What are the different plates for when open?

What are the different plates for when open?

FLAT GRILL (OPEN POSITION) Bring outdoor flavour inside with the flat grill position. Just open the cover flat against the counter. This position utilizes two grill plates to deliver a full-sized healthy ceramic non-stick grill. Sear a classic steak, make a juicy burger, and make hot dogs for the kids all on the same device. The extra room and easy to clean grill plates make getting the perfect sear marks effortless.

FLAT TEPPANYAKI / GRIDDLE (OPEN POSITION) Flat Teppanyaki / Griddle refers to using both Teppanyaki / Griddle plates with the cover flat against the counter to create a spacious flat top cooking surface. This setting is perfect for a huge array of options, including classics like French toast and pancakes to everyday cooking like chicken and veggies. All your favourites can be cooked on the Multi Grill, Teppanyaki / Griddle. With both plates lying flat, you have double the surface area for griddling. You can also cook different foods at the same time on separate plates without worrying about combining their flavours. The flat Teppanyaki / Griddle position also allows you to cook food of varying thicknesses at the same time.

MIXED GRILL & TEPPANYAKI / GRIDDLE (OPEN POSITION) Mix it up for your meal with both grill and Teppanyaki / Griddle plates in the open position. This mode lets you optimize your time in the kitchen. Grill breakfast sausage and make eggs at the same time, grill meats while searing veggies, Fish and chips, fajitas…the options are endless. This is the Multi Grill, Teppanyaki / Griddle most versatile position—heat the plates to different temperatures to make sure your Teppanyaki / Griddle and your grill are ideal for your meal. You can sear on the grill, then finish on the Teppanyaki / Griddle plate to get maximum flavour. Like the flat Teppanyaki / Griddle position, this position lets you cook a variety of foods with different thicknesses.

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