How do I set up my GreenPan Contact Grill? How do I set up my GreenPan Contact Grill?

How do I set up my GreenPan Contact Grill?

Selecting Plates & Temperature
To Start using your appliance, turn the plate select dial to select which plate(s) you need to adjust setting.
Select “Lower” or “Upper” if you want to select a different temperature for each plate. Select “Both” if want to adjust the setting of both plates simultaneously.
Default timer and temperature will appear on the LCD display.
Turn the dial to adjust your temperature.

To adjust your countdown timer, turn the dial to select the number of minutes.

Press the Start / Stop button, and you will notice the LCD screen will display “PREHEAT” and bars running from left to right.

Once it’s done preheating, it will beep three times and the “PREHEAT” disappears and the minutes will Start blinking.

Press Start / Stop to Start the timer counting down and add your food to the plate(s). NOTE: If both plates complete preheat and the Start / Stop button is not pressed within 60 minutes, the appliance will go into OFF mode and LCD turns Off.

When the countdown timer runs out, the appliance will beep three times. The time will reset to the previously selected values and will Start flashing to indicate that it’s ready to Start the next cycle.

To Stop cooking, select the plate to turn off, then turn the temperature dial to beyond minimum value, “OFF” will display for the selected plate. If both plates are during cooking or preheat, pressing Start / Stop button will turn off the product.

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