I would like to take this opportunity to explain a bit about the manufacturing process. 

All pans are created with a concave base which is then adjusted at the end of the manufacturing process for a perfect concavity range. 

When a pan is heated, there a slight bend that occurs naturally.  The concavity that we create offsets this bend, so when your pan is heated it will sit flat on your stovetop, but it will not be perfectly flat. 

As a pan heats, it expands and if we attempt to create a perfectly flat pan that is heated too high, you will have the opposite issue and the pan will become convex rendering it completely useless. 

In the event your pan is wobbling when sitting flat on the stovetop, it may have warped due to drastic temperature changes causing thermal shock.  This happens when a hot pan is placed in cold water.  If this is the case, please email photos with proof of purchase to customercare.us@greenpan.com for review. 

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