My pan is chipped, is it safe to use? My pan is chipped, is it safe to use?

My pan is chipped, is it safe to use?

Chipping is a natural occurrence with Ceramic Non-stick.
Chipping up to 1 to 2 mm is a perfectly normal occurrence because Ceramic coatings are very hard – i.e. in the same way as Porcelain Ceramics are hard but not very flexible. Secondly, unlike with PTFE coatings, Thermolon does not require any chemical adhesive primer to stick to the pan. Thermolon’s adhesion relies solely on roughening the pan’s surface before the coating is applied, which creates a natural lock and key adhesion. 

Any imperfections, such as chipping, are considered a reflection of the hardness of Ceramic coatings and not having to rely on chemicals for adhesion. As the product remains perfectly safe for use if it chips, it does not require a replacement.  In fact, the hardness of the coating is one of its strengths because it will be less prone to scratching during daily use.

The great thing is that our products do not contain any PTFE or other PFAS, and they are free of Lead and Cadmium.

If chipping is present along the rim, it is recommended to use pan protectors.

I would like to assure you that your product is perfectly safe for use.


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