Strange smell while cooking on gas Strange smell while cooking on gas

Strange smell while cooking on gas

A strange smell might become evident when cooking on a gas hob. It is often the case that the Bakelite handle of the pan has been exposed to extreme heat (if the pan has not been placed on the hob correctly). Exposing the Bakelite handle to such extreme heat will cause the smell and possibly even some burning of the handle. We strongly recommend matching the size of the pan to the diameter of the hob ring it is cooking on. A safe suggestion is to choose a hob ring that is smaller than the diameter of your pan. The flames coming from the hob must never exceed the bottom of the pan. If the pan has a stainless-steel handle, then it is difficult to trace the source of the smell. We suggest washing the pan thoroughly before using it for the first time as there is no way to guarantee how it has been stored before shipment. Please rest assured that because the Thermolon coating contains no chemically changing materials, no smoke or odour can originate from the coating.

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