Stains on the hob Stains on the hob

Stains on the hob


There are various reasons that stains can appear on a hob surface. The combination of a new pan overheating on a new hob and liquid underneath the pan during cooking are two of the most common reasons.

The best way to remove such stains is heating the stained area on heat level 1 or 2 with another pan on top. Finish cleaning the stain by wiping it down with a microfibre cloth and some special hob cleaner or some washing-up liquid.

A melamine sponge or so called ‘wonder sponge’ is especially effective. These sponges have great results on persistent stains or spots. The melamine sponge works in combination with water, it activates the ‘micro scrubbers’ in the sponge. As you scrub the hob gently with the melamine sponge, the stains will start to be reduced. Repeat the process several times without using any type of detergent as it will make the sponge slippery, and less effective. These sponges are widely available at a low price. A special hob scraper is also an effective tool when used carefully and correctly.
A final important tip is to thoroughly clean and dry the underside of your pan before placing it on the hob. This helps prevent any liquid being trapped and burning onto the two surfaces.


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