Using oil or fat in my GreenPan Using oil or fat in my GreenPan

Using oil or fat in my GreenPan

Why do I need to use oil or fat?
•Oil conducts heat much better than air resulting in better and crispier frying.
•Oil acts as a buffer so food does not burn that quickly.
•Oil helps in browning food and the development of taste.
•Oil avoids food sticking to the pan. Even liquid food like eggs do need a little oil or butter! A non-stick pan, like our GreenPan, allows the use of less oil, but not eliminating it because of above reasons.

Be Careful with olive oil
When using any pan, always be sure to use oil or butter. When using pans with a non-stick layer, less oil or butter is needed. Please remember that olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, butter and oil sprays quickly start to smoke and burn when the pan is hot. This causes carbonization of the pan, which can damage the non-stick layer. Another consideration if using (expensive) oil, is that it will turn your healthy fats into unhealthy/saturated fats. Avoid using them in combination with a ceramic non-stick pan.

Here is a useful link about oils and their smoking point. It will be of help in finding the most suitable oil for your needs. What is the best oil to cook with?

Which oils or fats can I use?
We recommend using refined (preferably organic) oils suited for frying with high resistance. Peanut oil or Avocado oil are good oils to start with.
Unrefined oils such as Virgin and extra virgin olive oils, however healthy they might be, are not suitable for frying because even at relatively low temperatures they smoke and burn. This is not just bad for your health; it is also bad for your pan. Every type of oil has a temperature where it starts to smoke, this is the so-called smoking point. When the temperature goes beyond this point, the oil starts to dissolve, and it releases a taste that can ruin your food. Another effect can be carbonization of the pan, which can damage the ceramic layer. We therefore recommend using an oil with a relatively high smoking point when baking or frying. The packaging of oils, available in supermarkets does not always contain information about the smoke point. Our advice is to look for oils with clear information on the packaging that states, “suitable for frying”.
Unrefined oils, such as cold-pressed or extra virgin oil, normally have specific instructions on the packaging.

Avoid using oil sprays such as atomizers, nebulizers, or pumps because small droplets of oil heat-up extremely quickly and causing charring on the non-stick layer. These layers of charring and carbonization cause the non-stick layer to lose its properties.



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