My pan has a chemical smell. My pan has a chemical smell.

My pan has a chemical smell.

While we understand that this can be off-putting, there are a few reasons why this may occur.  

1. There may be a slight odor during first time use when heating up your new cookware. This is common with many types of cookware, but this is normally a one-time occurrence. 

2. If the smell is a bit stronger and this is your first use, it could mean the heat is a bit too high.  However, as this is a one-time occurrence, it should not happen in subsequent uses. 

3. If the smell persists, check that there are no cleaning fluid residues or oil residues on the exterior surfaces of the pan. Thoroughly wash the pan to remove cleaning fluid or oil residues and then rinse the pan with plain tap water and this will resolve the problem.

4. Phenolic (non stainless steel) handles exposed to open flames on a gas stove (flames extending up the sidewalls) may cause a fishy smell .  Please keep the flame diameter no larger than the diameter of the base of your pan. 


If this issue still persists, please provide the following via email

1. Photo of the entire pan, including handle

2. Diameter of pan

3. Proof of purchase

4. Full name and address

5. Type of odor, whether chemical in nature or similar to cleaning fluid odor


If this is your first use, please lower the heat and use your pan again.  This issue should be resolved.


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