Does GreenPan contain Copper? Does GreenPan contain Copper?

Does GreenPan contain Copper?

We would like to assure you that our Healthy Ceramic Non-stick cookware and its interior coating, Thermolon, does not contain any metallic form of copper that could leach out into the food. Because we use inorganic (mineral type) pigments, there is a small amount of copper content in one of these pigments, but this is not in a leachable form. This is proven by stringent food contact safety testing conducted by 3rd party (i.e. fully independent) labs). Leaching of Copper is part of the 21 metals that are tested for, and we can assure that Copper has never been detected as leaching from any of our Ceramic Non-stick coatings – not even under acidic conditions. Accordingly, our cookware will not add any detectable level of copper to your diet. However, if you wanted to be doubly sure, we would suggest purchasing one of our pans with a White interior coating as this is confirmed as 100% copper-free.



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