1. Turn setting dial to select the type of waffle. The waffle types scroll among the choices. For best results, be sure that the correct plates are used with the appropriate setting.
Belgian = Belgian waffle plates
Classic = classic waffle plates
Liège = Liège waffle plates
Custom = Choose your favorite waffle plates

2. Turn shading dial to select shading. Turning clockwise increases shading and turning counterclockwise decreases shading.

3. Press Texture button to scroll among the levels of texture from 1 to 3.

4. As soon as the selection is done, press Start / Stop button to begin the preheat mode, “PREHEAT” appears on the display. When preheat is complete, a beep will sound and “PREHEAT” will no longer appear on the display.

5. Add batter to the plate and close the lid. Cooking will begin automatically. In the rare case that cooking does not automatically begin (such as when making less than a full plate of waffles), the Start / Stop button can be used to initiate the cooking cycle.

6. Shading can be adjusted during the cooking cycle as long as the new shading setting is the same or longer than the elapsed time.

7. When time elapses to zero, cooking finishes and the crunch cycle starts, indicated by the blinking crunchiness bar. When crunchiness time is up, a beep sounds indicating the end of the complete cooking cycle.

8. Remove the waffle using heat-resistant, non-scratch utensils or tongs.

9. If cooking more than one waffle, new batter can be added immediately.

10. When done, unplug the Waffle Maker and allow to cool before cleaning.

Note: Craving for tasty waffles? The preset temperatures / cooking times from the appliance are optimal for the GreenPan recipes we suggest on www.greenpan.com. Results with preset settings may vary when different waffle recipes are used. Please use “CUSTOM” settings to find the best time for your waffle recipe”

Note: The Belgian waffle plates are not included with your GreenPan waffle iron. You can order the Belgian waffle plates separately at greenpan.com.

Note: The Liège waffle plates can also be used for Brussels waffles.

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