How and Where are GreenPans made? How and Where are GreenPans made?

How and Where are GreenPans made?

Our cookware is designed in our Belgian offices by our in-house product designers. It is produced, tested, and manufactured in our own factory in Jiangmen, China. As we own the factory, which has been awarded multiple ISO awards. Not only to we provide the highest level environmentally friendly and social consciousness, but we also have full control of the quality of the products we deliver.

Our factory is a multi-ISO-certified (9001: 2008 and 14000: 2004) factory that is 100% under our control, working closely with our offices in Belgium and New York. We facilitate 4 internal audits annually in addition to the 6 external organisations who monitor our production process, environmental impact, and the working conditions of our employees. Our goal; is to create safe and sustainable products; it would then be very contradictory if our products were being in unsafe and unsustainable conditions. There is no such thing as child labour in our factory in Jiangmen.

Our factory has a highly diligent quality control team, equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure the constant quality and safety of our products. Please rest assured that GreenPan contains no harmful chemicals or other materials in either the pans or the non-stick layers. This guarantee is naturally extended to not only the products, but also the production process.

100% of the aluminium that we purchase is recycled. We even recycle all the extra waste aluminium that is produced (e.g., the cutting or edges etc.), all of which finds its way to our own recycling department.

We choose not to purchase recycled stainless steel for the simple reason that some of stainless-steel cooking pans do not have a coating. We therefore must maintain the very highest standards for our stainless-steel pans as it must be completely safe for contact with food. The composition of recycled stainless steel is particularly difficult to define and control. All our waste stainless steel is of course offered for recycling.


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