Do GreenPans contain PFAS? Do GreenPans contain PFAS?

Do GreenPans contain PFAS?

PFAS is a collective name for a group of so-called “Forever Chemicals”, and an abbreviation of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl. In traditional non-stick layers PFAS is used on many pans, due to their specific qualities: PFAS are highly heat resistant and extremely water, fat and dirt repellent which makes them highly versatile and commonly used in rain jackets and water-resistant shoes.

Since our introduction in 2007, all GreenPans have been produced PFAS-free. GreenPan has been a pioneer in this field, so now, anybody who loves cooking, can choose the very highest quality ceramic non-stick pan. By having no PFAS in their products, GreenPan also guarantees that their products are a durable and sustainable alternative for more traditional pans with a PFAS non-stick coating

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